Appointment Application

Please take some time out to fill this page out so that we can provide the best quality service and care to your pet.

If so, PLEASE if you have a temperature of 99 or above call us anytime from 8:30am on 732.739.0997

When an appointment is set up, everyone must wear a mask or face covering if you have not received a Covid-19 vaccine, are you okay with that?

Does Your Pet Have Any Dislikes ?
Scared Of Loud NoisesScared Of Nail ClippingScared Of WaterTemperamentalNone Mentioned

Has Your Pet Ever Been Groomed

If So, Please Provide Date Of Last Grooming

Does Your Pet Need Emergency Grooming Service ?
Yes, GroomingYes, Nail ClippingYes, Anal Gland ExpressingNo

Coat Condition
Fair (No Matting)Some MattingSevere Matting

Pets Temperament
PassiveAverageHyper HappyAggressive

Desired Service
Full GroomingBathingNail ClippingTeeth BrushingTeeth Cleaning / ScalingPick Up & DeliveryReiki TherapyAnal ExpressionColor RejuvenationGrooming SchoolCanine CPR TrainingEyes & Ears CleanedDemattingDe-Shedding

Has Your Pet Had Their Rabies Shot ? (This Is required to service your pet)

You must send me an email with proof of your pets rabies shot and permission allowing me to groom your pet. Please also send any pictures of your pet and also a picture of a desired grooming you are looking to have done, to this email

Upload Pictures Here
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If the email is sent Wednesday through Saturday 8:30 a.m. through 3:30 p.m. and you do not receive a response within 20 minutes please call the shop. 732.739.0997
If you do NOT hear from me by Wednesday noon time, PLEASE CALL.

These are trying times and it has ALWAYS been my #1 priority to make sure everyone is safe. My purpose is to help you enjoy your pet's. (Bonus, I get to love and enjoy them as my own, thank you! 🙂

If you are looking for a meet and greet appointment, all this information is still required.** we can give estimates during this time, however, it is an estimate.

We will always be in compliant with what the health department requirement's of wherever it deems necessary in order to run business the correct way.

PLEASE REMEMBER, I cannot schedule service for your pet or schedule a meeting or provide an estimate without proof of your pets rabies shot. I CANNOT GROOM YOUR PET WITHOUT written permission from you to do so. Email me at:

Stay safe! Kindly,

Helena, Master Groomer

By checking this box, I am authorizing Paws R Us Groomers to groom my pet/pets and understand that a copy of my pets rabies shot/shots must be emailed to, prior to any service being performed.
I herby allow Paws R Us Groomers to groom my pet.


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